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Dear Friends,

On behalf of Team #JEXIT, we would like to share with you exciting news as we enter into 2020, a significant Election Year.

#JEXIT has grown into a very powerful national movement!

We started out as a Facebook group October in 2018 which quickly developed into JEXIT Inc., a Florida Not for Profit 501c4 Educational Organization.

We are now focused on moving the needle for the Jewish vote in order to re-elect President Trump by holding Town Hall Events in order to stimulate dialogue/communication with moderate Democrats, undecided and unaffiliated voters! #JEXIT’s mission is not only to educate and encourage American Jews to exit the Democrat Party but in addition, we are committed to restoring and preserving the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded upon. We stand against anti-Semitism and we stand united with Israel.

We stand with our Christian brothers and sisters against anti-Semitism and we stand united with Israel. Our belief is that, "Together We Are Stronger!"

In May 2020, during our mission in Israel, we will tour the country with a special emphasis on national security, border sovereignty and support Israelis have for President Trump. Our travels take us into meetings with Israeli politicians, local citizens, the new "Trump Heights," a settlement that will be built in the Golan and of course, the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Many American Jews have made Aliyah, moved to Israel and received citizenship and still vote in US elections. American Jews who live in Israel voted 95% for President Trump in 2016. American Jews who live in the USA voted 24% for the President Trump. We must ask ourselves why American Jews that live in Israel support our President 95% while American Jews that live in the USA only support him by 24%. #JEXIT will get testimonials from citizens in Israel and hopefully find a way to break the divide between Israeli and American Jews.

For this reason, #JEXIT in conjunction with The United West is thrilled to announce that we will be traveling to Israel on an incredible journey this May 18-29, 2020! Our Tour will be an outstanding experience you will never forget!

See You in Jerusalem!





JEXIT's mission is to educate American Jews to leave the Democrat Party and support President Trump, a true friend of Israel. To recognize the critically important work of the JEXIT movement in America, we recognize Team JEXIT in this inaugural banquet in Jerusalem, Israel.

A special banquet in Jerusalem is the perfect setting for Team JEXIT's educational mission, where attendees will fully understand the importance of all Jews, especially in America, to fully stand against anti-Semitism and with Israel.

Israeli Politicians will make presentations that enable Team JEXIT member to more effectively accomplish their educational goals for the November 2020 election.

Join Team JEXIT on their mission to Israel and at their Inaugural JEXIT Banquet in Jerusalem.

JEXIT, Inc. is a Florida, Not for Profit Educational Organization.